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BLOODY VENGEANCE - “Falling Into The Occult”

$9.00 / On Sale

Band (country): BLOODY VENGEANCE (Chile)
Title: “Falling Into The Occult”
Format: Regular version CD + Insert
Official Unitary Price: USD$9.00 (+ Shipping)
Status: Available
Audio: http://proselytism.bandcamp.com/album/falling-into-the-occult


“…In The Year 2013 After The Imposter Six Obscure And Intense Songs Were Recorded At The End Of This World, In Rainy And Cold Lands… Mesmerizing NECRO OCCULT METAL For All Those Into IMMORTAL (Nor), AETERNUS (Nor) “Beyond The Wandering Moon”, DESTROYER 666 (Aus) “Phoenix Rising”, SABBAT (Jap), MAYHEM (Nor) “Mysteriis Dom Sathanas”, F.O.D. (Chi) “Force Of Darkness”, Vulcano (Bra) “Tales From The Black Book”, Etc. Available From September 2014…”

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