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IMPURITY - “Bonfim Moritvri Mortivis”

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Band (country): IMPURITY (Brazil)
Title: “Bonfim Moritvri Mortivis”
Format: Giant Digipack CD + Poster
Official Unitary Price: USD$12.00 (+ Shipping)
Status: Available
Audio: http://proselytism.bandcamp.com/album/bonfim-moritvri-mortivis


“… Belo Horizonte Is A City Of Brazil That Is Cradle Of Furious Bands Such As: SARCÓFAGO, SEPULTURA, HOLOCAUSTO, MUTILATOR, SEXTRASH, etc. …These Are 24 Minutes Of Eternal Curses Composed Under The Black Mark Of The Infamous "Bonfim” Cemetery Located In Belo Horizonte. The “Bonfim” Cemetary Has Been Desecrated Continuously Since The Very ‘80s By Ancient Metal Forces, As An Example: SARCÓFAGO Did The Photo Sessions Of Their Mighty Opus “I.N.R.I.” Album There…Now Enter The Temple Of IMPURITY, That Has Been Built Since 1988 ab And Prepare Your Soul For Total Aggressive / Bestial / Ancient / Dark / Black Death Metal In The Truest Barbaric Brazilian Vein Which Inspired Countless Of Dark Souls Worldwide… ”

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