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UNHOLY ARCHANGEL - “Obsessed By War”

$12.00 / On Sale

Band (country): UNHOLY ARCHANGEL (Greece)
Title: “Obsessed By War” + Bonus Track
Format: Giant Digipack CD + Poster
Official Unitary Price: USD$12.00 (+ Shipping)
Status: Available
Audio: http://proselytism.bandcamp.com/album/obsessed-by-war


“…Originally Released In 2010 “Obsessed By War” The Debut Album Of The Legendary Cult And Obscure Katastrofik Metal Band UNHOLY ARCHANGEL From Hellas Has Been Re-Released In Our Traditional Format. The Horrible Atrocious “Music” Contained In This Abyss Of Kataklysmal Decimation Had A Re-Master Including A Destructive Bonus Track…”

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