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MAUSOLEUM - "10 Años De Bestial Massacre"

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Band (country)): MAUSOLEUM (Brasil)
Title: "10 Años De Bestial Massacre"
Format: Digipack
Price: USD$6.00 (+ Shipping)
Referencias: Debut Album Recorded In 2004. These Are Remaining Copies Of This EXTRA Limited Edition DigiPack Released By The Band Itself To Be Spread In Their Shows Here In Chile.
AUDIO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IB5RW5VypGo


This Is An Old Black Metal Band, A Complete Classic (In The Underground Of The Undeground At This Stage) There In Brazil. MAUSOLEUM Is Active Since 1994, But They Were Creating Music Earlier In The ‘90s Under The Monicker Of CREMATORY (In The Vein Of Early SAMAEL, BEHERIT, Etc). MAUSOLEUM Was Invited To 2 Bestial Shows Here In Chile And The Performance Was Perfect. No Trends. In Our City SANTIAGO We Organized Their Gig. The Band Left A Bunch Of Copies Of Their Debut Album Of 2004 (Only Released In Vinyl Back Then) Of A Strictly Limited Edition DigiPack.

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